Dr. Judith V. Parker, Ph.D.

Dreams allow us to uncover the truth of our iives and, most importantly, see the forces within that drive and shape our lives. To see this is to have the possibility of freedom.

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There’s an old story that describes God as having only one question to ask at the end of life: did you become yourself? This is the foundation of a meaningful, satisfying, happy life; it has to be built upon the bedrock of a person’s real self.

Most of us forget our dreams, we treat them as meaningless. But the profound truths to be found in dreams can help us understand ourselves and our lives more deeply. That knowledge allows us to solve the mystery of why we repeat the same mistakes, continue in our addictions, fail to change unhealthy aspects of our personality, all of which stand in the way of creating a joyful life.

When we illuminate the unconscious mind through understanding our dreams, we begin to see the picture of what is driving our lives. Over many years as a psychologist, I have observed that the individuals who consult me are generally very intelligent, creative people. If they knew what was causing the unhappiness in their lives, they would use their considerable intelligence and ingenuity to fix it, but the roots of suffering reside in the unconscious, the part of the mind that is out of our awareness. We don’t know what is driving us to create lives that are dissatisfying, frustrating and less than representative of our real potential for emotional fulfillment and success.

An awareness that often emerges at some point in this process, is that the person has not been living their own life, but rather fulfilling a plan, carrying an emotional burden that was unconsciously imposed by their mother’s imprint. This realization allows a person to begin to claim their authentic self and life.

There is a wonderful thing that happens when a person is following their authentic path in life. Something I’ve heard called the “hidden hand of assistance” makes its presence felt. Even events that seem negative work to strengthen and clarify purpose and propel growth in a positive direction. I truly believe, after many years of observing this process, that the energies of the universe support us in realizing our soul’s fruition. It is a birthright we have only begun to claim.